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STOP making yourself feel horrible for things you didn’t do last year. Don’t overstress your goal list for 2016 (literally don’t we are only a week and a half into the new year). Take it easy, sit on your couch, and make your hot cocoa. Top off the warm beverage with a bunch of fluffy marshmallows. Or uncork the bottle of wine; it’s been teasing you after a long. Relax and after a few sips take a look around your living area. Take a mental picture and ask yourself, “Is my living room a representation of me”…What is your answer? YES, or is it NO. I’m a strong believer in a goal list, however, I’m keener on building a home that is comfortable for you; peace starts there. If your answer is NO, your environment can affect your attitude so why not help it mold to a positive one. If your answer is…

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More Than 2,200 Muslims Crushed to Death During Hajj Stampede in Mecca

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Mecca Hajj Stampede Kills 2,200

It’s a shame they don’t have this ‘..Hajj Pilgrimage..’ every day of the year…

by, AFP | 9News MSN

The death toll from last month’s hajj stampede has topped 2200, according to tallies given by foreign officials, making it by far the deadliest disaster in the pilgrimage’s history.

Saudi Arabia has yet to provide an updated death toll after saying 769 people died in the tragedy near Mecca, home of Islam’s holiest sites.

But figures given by more than 30 governments around the world show that at least 2223 foreign pilgrims died, according to an AFP tally.

 Mideast Saudi Hajj

Saudi authorities have not given a toll for any deaths among their own nationals.

The loss of life in the September 24 disaster far exceeds the 1426 pilgrims who died in the hajj’s worst previous incident – a tunnel stampede in July 1990.

Here is a breakdown of the dead from foreign…

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Holy War Arrives in Germany

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Germany - Silvio K

The German known as Silvio K., shown here in a jihadist recruitment video, last week threatened to bomb an American nuclear weapons storage facility located in Germany. Photo courtesy of: Gatestone Institute 

by, Soeren Kern | Gatestone Institute

“Never before have the sympathizers of Islamic terror appeared so openly in Germany.” — Editorial, Westfalen-Blatt.

“Anyone who thought the civil war in Syria or the barbarity of the Islamic State in Iraq does not affect us, you are wrong.” — Editorial, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.

“IS, Al-Qaeda, Hamas and Boko Haram—these four groups are the linchpins of the attempt to bomb an unstoppable modernity back into the Middle Ages.” — Editorial,Westfalen-Blatt.

“The religions of the world are increasingly being misused for ideological struggles and excesses of violence between people of different faiths. Religions are never violent per se, but the market criers of violence are using them to…

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Cologne,Germany: Muslim Immigrants Burglarize Christian Churches to Fund ISIS

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Germany - Muslims Rob Churches 1

Eight young men appeared in court in Cologne on Tuesday charged with robbing churches and schools to finance Isis’ religious war in Syria.

by, The Local.Deutschland | h/t Glen Roberts @ Trop

When they broke into churches they stole collection boxes, crosses and other objects “dedicated to church services and religious veneration” prosecutors allege.

From the schools, the men stole laptops, money and a cash card, which they used to finance jihadist fighters in the Syrian civil war, alleged chief prosecutor Nadja Gudermann.

Security measures were heightened around the Cologne city court as the men were brought from police detention.

During the burglaries, which took place between 2011-14, the men are alleged to have stolen €19,000 worth of goods and often seriously damaged the premises before they left.

How much of the money actually reached fighters in Syria is unknown and will not be addressed in the trial.

The central…

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Promote Your Eaves Missions

Empire Kred

You can now Promote Eaves Missions as well as Vees Missions. Previously you could only promote Vees Missions. A promoted Mission is displayed at the top of the Missions page always. Promoting a Mission is like running a Google Ad into the Search Results: More Views, more Completions, better Mission Results!

Promoted Missions work by buying “Promoted Mission slots” which are available in the Empire Avenue Shop. A single use of promoting a Mission is $5 and a pack of 5 Promoted Missions is $20. Please note that a Mission is “Promoted” for 12 hours or until the Mission runs out (which ever comes first). You can only Promote A/B graded Missions. Promoted Missions may be downgraded manually and they will stop being Promoted at that point, so please make sure you read the Missions rules and guidelines!

When you are creating Promoted Missions you can choose the…

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