Mark Philip Needs My Investment Help – Not!!

Dear Sir/Madam

I am searching for a reliable person to be a partner to my distinguish Client (a politician). I just stumbled on your email and think it would Interest and benefit you immensely. My client wants to invest in your country and have just mandated me to search for a reliable Person to represent his interest.

I would want your opinion on the kind of Investment that is lucrative in your country without much taxes and how you would help in moving an amount running into millions of $ into your country without difficulties. Please provide your private phone number and email address so that we can discuss further details.

I await your response


Mark Phillip

I get these continually into my email boxes, so i have decided to expose them. If you get them please open up a discussion here in the form of a comment. getting a good chuckle at these idiot’s expense is a way to start off the day.[phpbay]antispyware, 10, “”, “”[/phpbay]