Memory Vision Techniques

the memory in good condition is a vital part of the brain’s
function. Every now and then, our actions greatly depend on a lot of
information we retrieve from our memory bank. Such information can
either be short term (such as specific tasks that we have to do) or
long term (such as the ability to drive a car or repeat an
instruction we read from a book). While long-term memory may come
spontaneously without too much effort when the need arises,
short-term memory requires recalling information from the
accumulation of things stored in our memory. This is why you need to
keep your memory in great shape to achieve efficiency in your daily

  • Keep
    your attention focused on the needed information to be stored in
    your memory bank. Even with distractions around you, stay focused on
    the subject. The more concentrated you are on the information, the
    better the chances of retaining it in your memory.

  • Utilize
    the most ideal sense or senses when gathering the information. This
    what we call acuity in sensing our environment. Be aware of the
    color or details of a picture, or the particular sound or smell of
    the thing involved. All our bodily senses are attuned to collect
    information depending on the circumstance at hand. While our sense
    of vision may be the most used in gathering information, our senses
    of hearing, smell, taste, and touch are equally important and
    helpful in remembering things, situations, and information about
    something or someone.

  • When
    you’re not sure that the information you are about to remember
    would really be retained by your brain, it would be better to write
    the information. This could be proven effective especially in
    gathering very long and tedious information like lecture notes or a
    personal interview. Just be sure you don’t forget that you have a
    note at hand; and of course, don’t misplace the note.

  • Maintain
    a balance diet. A well-proportioned diet will result to a
    conditioned memory. Oily and sweet foods may cloud the memory. If
    you cannot completely eliminate a bad diet, gradually cut down your
    intake of these memory-inhibiting foods. Doing it gradually cushions
    the effect of withdrawal symptoms and you’ll get adjusted to the
    new lifestyle you are creating. This is not only beneficial to the
    memory, but we can say you’re on your way to a healthy life.
    Drinking lots of water brings lots of advantages to your overall
    health, and memory is not an exception.

  • Don’t
    deprive yourself with enough rest and sleep. Having enough sleep
    does not condone laziness; oversleeping does. So don’t feel guilty
    resting or sleeping as long as it is not overdone. You need it badly
    to keep you revitalized from the tiresome demand of work.

  • Take
    time to relax. Breathe deeply if you must. Keep your thoughts
    organized before acting on them. Keep away from stress and anxiety.
    It may be impossible to completely eliminate stress since it is part
    of our challenging generation, but try to keep it down as much as
    possible. Stress may bring your memory into its inefficient level.
    Avoid the habit of saying to yourself that you might forget things,
    because you’re more likely to if you do. This just builds your
    anxiety level up to its panic mode.

  • Stay
    positive, creative, and energetic. Your memory needs to be within a
    circle of various things. Things that come in various shapes, sizes,
    and colors can motivate your creativity. This is a positive way of
    discovering your surroundings in all its variations and diversities.
    Avoid being enclosed within the four walls of your room just like
    you’re a prisoner. The only time to be enclosed is when you have
    to rest or sleep. Don’t be a couch potato. There’s a very
    exciting world out there waiting to improve your memory.

very best way to improve your memory is between infancy and
adolescent. As we grow old, memory starts to fail. But a strong
memory that we can develop during the prime years of our lives will
definitely enhance us to be good thinkers. This can be done by
continuously exercising our memory through reading and other
cognitive activities like the habit of solving crossword puzzles. The
more you do these, the better memory retention is developed.