Tampa Becomes A Cheaper Destination

Travelers looking for hotel bargains might check out Vancouver, British Columbia, New York, Tampa, Toronto and Orlando, according to a Hotwire.com report on the largest hotel price reductions in May compared with a year ago. Those destinations – in that order – posted the steepest declines in price. New York’s prices dropped 31 percent, Tampa’s 28 percent and Orlando’s 24 percent, the online travel company reported. Vancouver’s prices declined 35 percent and Toronto’s declined 25 percent. The monthly survey found a three-star room in New York that Hotwire .com sold for $130 and four-star rooms in Tampa and Orlando sold for $66 and $71, respectively. The hotel properties were not identified. Results were calculated by comparing Hotwire reservations during May with prices from a year ago. The report shows the trend toward declining room prices is continuing this year. The findings agree with the latest report by Smith Travel Research of Hendersonville, Tenn., that showed the revenue per average room in Hillsborough County declined by 24.6 percent in March compared with a year ago. This is in stark comparison to what we endured when we arrived here in Tampa in July 2006. As a homeless veteran with a family of 4, it was unspeakable to find a room that was less than $100/night. Especially since we were trying to stay close to the city’s main employment spots. Good for us now that we live 35 miles away and have a shit car, huh. Paying for it dearly now.

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