Staying Close Keeps You Safe

Travelers may simply travel closer to home in rough times. With our web pages and blogs, we’ll try to help by giving you ideas on how to save… how to travel more frugally. Don’t give up on your wildest travel dreams. Travel frugally now, but hang onto those travel dreams for future trips when the economy recovers a bit. Travelers may look to prepackaged tours to save money but still be able to travel. Volunteer vacations may be a way to save on a trip and contribute to helping some segment of society at the same time. Some people may talk about cutting back, but we’re a world full of wanderers… collectively, we love to travel…. and since we do think of that old saying… Where there is a will, there is a way. Go out and enjoy the world, but instead of eating at 5 star Michelin restaurants, enjoy a little local place, or picnic. Spend leisurely days in free museums. Hike in the mountains. Take the travel pace a little slower… walk, take public transportation… just sit in a sidewalk cafe and enjoy the ambience. Travel not only helps you, it helps keep economies flowing. During economic downturns, and when terrorism strikes, it’s easy to start feeling depressed. Taking a break from the daily grind… some place exciting and new lifts your spirits. It just makes you feel good. And isn’t there a saying that goes something like… if it feels good… do it?