How To Travel With children

As I continue the series of articles on traveling with kids, today’s post covers what to do once you’re in the plane.  For some of us having traveled with our little ones for couple of years or more, it might come as second nature, but for brand new parents like my friend Anu, to travel with little Abigail, any little tip helps.  I’ve experienced as Seth’s gotten older, now at 2 yrs and 9 months, it’s getting easier to travel with him.  He’s always been a pretty laid back kid, but now he actually enjoys the plane ride!

1. Always be on flight attendants good side – they are like your life line.

2. Make friends with passengers around you too and maybe apologies in advance for the crying, kicking, or any tantrums your kid might throw. That way you won’t get the dirty looks later!

3. When you go to fast foods and get those little toys, try to save it, and keep it away from the kids until you travel. A whole new set of toys will keep them occupied for a while. You can also go to the Dollar store and buy a few items for the travel.

4. Put the toys in a few large Ziploc bags inside the diaper bag, otherwise you’ll never find the toys when you need to.

5. Unless it’s a real stinky #2 diaper, change her diaper on your lap, or if you are lucky enough to have the seat next to you empty.

6. Use bathroom diaper changing station as last resort. Plane bathrooms can be pretty nasty, especially on long flights.

7. If you’re nursing -Just do it. First time I was travelling with Seth he was 2 months old, crying insensibly. I had not planned on it, but my motherly instincts kicked in, I covered with a blanket and nursed. He was calm for the rest of the flight. I didn’t have time to worry about others, including the man sitting next to me. Honestly I didn’t care, but that man happened to be just so nice and understanding, and even gave me more elbow room!

8. Apparently the air pressure hurts their ear, so if they’re nursing,  have a bottle or pacifier in their mouth, this helps ease the pain. Keep several pacifiers handy.

9. Try to have a bottle ready before you get on board and wait to give to your baby right before the flight takes off. This way hopefully by the time the plane reaches 30,000 ft, your baby will be full and fast asleep.

10. If your non ticketed toddler is old enough to have grown up food, just ask for a meal, even if he does not have a seat. This applies to long flights. Normally they’ll wait and see if any is left, after all the meals are given out. Of course for shorter flights I always ask for extra crackers!

How do you keep your little ones from being fuss free, and make your flight more stress free?