The Truth About Gondolas



With the gondola floating so close to the surface
of the water, you’ll feel as if every sense you have
is being tapped.  The warmth of the sun, the smell
of the water, and the lapping of the waves will set
your mind off like never before.

As you travel through the canals, you’ll find
yourself wondering if the houses are deserted and
just how romantic the atmosphere and setting make
you feel.  Even though you may have the urge to
dangle your fingers in the water, the relaxing feel
of the gondola will make you feel as if you are
too relaxed to move a muscle!

When the sun sets, you’ll pass other gondolas as
they travel through the canals.  On a couple ride,
the gondola can help to rekindle the flame or just
take you to a whole new world.  Once you return to
the docks, you’ll probably find yourself wishing
that the ride would never end.

If you’ve never experienced a gondola ride, it’s one
thing that you simply must try.  As a wedding ride,
honeymoon ride, couple ride, or just a couple of
friends, the gondola ride is something that will
make you feel as never before.

While there are a few providers of gondola rides in
Newport Beach, each one offers you the ride of a
lifetime. The gondola ride brings a touch of romance
to Newport Beach, which is something each and every
couple should have the pleasure of experiencing.

If you plan on visiting Newport Beach or if you
already live in the area, a gondola ride is something
you shouldn’t hesitate to try.  It brings a whole new
sense to the word romance and can easily make you
forget everything that has troubled you in life – if
even for a brief moment.