Yahoo offloads people and dog social networks

Image representing Yahoo! Buzz as depicted in ...

Image via CrunchBase

Were you surprised to hear about Yahoo’s latest claim to fame? Relieving folks of their employment right before the holidays, I would think a bit Scroogish. But with the recent news of Yahoo layoffs it was a no-brainer.

The dead social networks called MyBlogLog Yahoo Buzz, and the awkardly cumbersome Delicious will be mothballed. Whatever comes afterward could only be a loser to the behemoths that are twitter and Facebook.

And yes I will be deleting the MBL widget right after publishing this post. What will you do with yours?



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  1. Tony, you might be interested to know that the MyBlogLog team got back together earlier this year to develop a sequel, called OneTrueFan. I know that MBL has seen a pretty serious decrease in users in the last few years, but anyone who ever thought it was interesting should have a look at We just announced the publisher widget today and would love to get your take on it. Since you deleted your MBL widget, maybe you'd like to try out OneTrueFn?

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