Blogger Opportunities For The Community Of Writers At Business2Blogger

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Looking at today’s opportunities email, the good folks at Business2Blogger have come up with an idea to stay out of the trash bins of some of it’s users.

As we are always trying to improve around here, recently we changed the code of the Blogger Email in an attempt to keep it out of your spam traps. And, well, turns out paying someone to improve it had the opposite effect…people had problems everywhere!!
So today we start a new Email program that we hope will keep your Blogger Emails in your inbox, where they belong. From now on, we will be using the Blogger Email to send you the link to the campaigns, which will be posted in a secret location on our website. To find them, you’ll simply have to click the link in your email. The idea is that we’ll be keeping the Blogger Email short and sweet, and hopefully out of your spam/trash!!

Here is the link to the reviews:


So, if you feel the need to get your toes wet in the writing reviews space of blogging, sign on up and see what catches your fancy. By the way, can you use the comments box below to share what other review communities that you may be aware of?

Yesterday’s click stats graphic:


Looks like our U.S. folks are way ahead of the game.