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Basic Blog Tips has been around the web for a while. And Ileane, the creator of Basic Blog Tips is very active in new social media and very active as a blogger with skills in the Blog Engage community. Below is her author’s profile box.

Ileane Smith This blogger has authored 51 articles avatar1

Welcome! I’m Ileane and I created Basic Blog Tips to provide blogging tips, social media advice and video tutorials for my visitors. Please visit my contact page if you would like to request a tutorial or if you have a question about this blog. Visit my YouTube Channel. Thanks for visiting and please come back again soon.

Ileane has been very busy as a blogger that comments and shares her expertise on a variety of subjects. Visit Basic Blog Tips to find out more in depth knowledge on subjects such as blogging, WordPress, and technology. Also, keep in mind that Ileane also allows contributions by guest posters. This technique of creating more posts is good for those looking to get a much broader audience and sharing their very own spin on topics covered at Basic Blog Tips.

Ileane’s twitter stream is  a wealth of tips and techniques from other bloggers that she may share in the same ideals with. As I mentioned before, Ileane spends time in the Blog Engage community voting and helping other people’s content to be voted to the top of the main page. What I found on Ileane’s site, was a Youtube channel where she makes videos on the subject of monetization and blogging. I will be a subscriber to her channel as soon as I am done writing this post.

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