Blog And Website Reviews

I have been thinking about how generating backlinks is a great way of getting exposure for your Web site or blog. It takes time an effort to generate backlinks to your Web site, and it is a never ending experience.

I have decided to help out those who have a Web site but are having trouble getting others to link to them. I’ll even go one step further than provide a backlink: I’ll write a full review about the Web site in a future post.

The details about getting a review of your Web site can be found in this post.
Requesting a Review

To get a review done about your Web site, you simply need to contact me in the e-mail address provided on 113 Directory. When you do send an e-mail to our contact page, include the following:

* Your Web site name.
* Your Web site URL.
* A description of your Web site.
* Your name and e-mail address. (Don’t worry these won’t be published in the review).
* The subject of the e-mail should read $5 Web Site Review.
Also, your link will be included in the 113 Directory

Cost : $5.00 per site Paypal Only

I’m interested in relatively new Web sites and blogs to help them out, but I do have my limits. I won’t review sites that only have a few pages (less than 10), or blogs that have few posts (less than 10). I will review sites only if they look like the owner has put some time and effort into the site, and not some quickie spur of the moment site.

I can’t give a timeline on how quickly your site will get reviewed, but I’ll try to create a review on a regular basis. Depending on how many requests I get, it could take some time to post a review of your Web site. I’ll send you an e-mail once the review is available.


  1. You’re going to add my site to the directory as a free featured link? That sounds like quite a good bargain.

  2. Sure Keith, just keep us in mind when you are ready and we will gladly review any services or websites that you have available.

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