Sleeping On The Floor With The Good Stuff


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My current roommate, Melissa has some sheets that were brought online from matouk, a site that caters to those that are looking for bedding. And this bedding isn’t your run of the mill 180-count stuff. what she gave me and the kids to sleep on the floor with was nice. I mean these spreads and quilts were comfy and not full of the usual hard water washing machine fluff.

You know, the stuff that gets all over your clothes and hair. To this day we’ve been sleeping on the floor and hand haven’t found a bit of wayward fuzz. In a way I felt bad thinking she gave us the good stuff to sleep on.

But I’m no longer feeling that way. would you?

5 Top Must-Go Beaches Of California

One place Orange County in Southern California has plenty of, are the beaches. The hard part is choosing which ones to go to, because there are so many, and each of the beaches have different things to offer and their unique personalities. The beaches and their cities might just be several miles apart, but bring different environment, surroundings, and atmosphere to enjoy.

Huntington Beach: Yes the city beach area is quite commercial, and touristy, and no I don’t surf, but I absolutely love this beach. I mainly enjoy hearing the huge waves splash ashore, and miles of spacious sandy beach. It’s something about the tide by this particular beach, that makes the waves so high, and always come in roaring. Of course watching the surfers is fun in itself. I am not a big fan of real touristy places, but I like sitting and having lunch by the Huntington Pier or one of the many restaurants on main street. There are plenty of surf stores and places to shop too.
Newport Beach: I believe this is my favorite due to sentimental reasons. This is the first beach we took our son
Seth’s first beach@7 months /Newport Beach
Seth to when he was 7 months old, and also the first one in California, me and my husband went to, several years back. It’s in stark contrast with Huntington. I enjoy the nice and quite. Walking on the sidewalk by those little houses right on the beach is fun too. It’s very close from the Orange County airport, so if you want to stop by the beach before you even get to the hotel, this is the one to go to.

Laguna Beach: This is where the multi million dollar mansions are, you see in the realty shows. Strolling around Laguna you might spot a few Ferrari’s or Bentley’s. But, what I love most is the beach itself, it’s the best place to watch the sunset. We’ve enjoyed nice bon fires and watching the sunset, a few times. Nothing beats the combination of the two. Needless to say this beach is best to go in the evening time.
Salt Creek Beach: This beach, popular for the locals in the area, and not touristy at all, is right off the Pacific Coast Highway. It’s like a little hidden treasure. If there is one hotel I’d really like to

RitzCarlton Salt Creek Beach
stay in, right on the beach, which sits atop a hill, overlooking the coastline, the beach, the gray whale migration, and Catalina Island, it would be the Ritz Carlton Laguna Niguel at the Salt Creek Beach. You have to go down a trail of stairways and paths to get to the beach, so it can be a bit challenging carrying a whole bunch of things, but it’s worth it.

Seal Beach: It’s very family friendly. If you are looking to fish from the pier or kite surf or just enjoy a stroll down the tree lined Main street, this is the place to go. There is a variety of shopping with affordable prices, and most importantly free parking! They also have free concerts during the summer.
What is your favorite beach in Orange County California?