How To Find Travel Insurance For Every Budget

There is a variety of travel insurance that is available for you. Your personal insurance carrier, your credit card company, travel agents and specialists all offer different forms of travel and life insurance. Sometimes your auto or health insurance or your credits already cover travel insurance related to your vacation. Now, this poses question of when should you ensure and which should you choose.

There are three major types of travel insurance. The first type is the medical coverage. For medical insurance, make sure you check their rules and conditions for age limits. Some insurance policies charge higher for seniors. The medical coverage includes medical and dental expenses incurred because of injury or illness.

A medical evacuation, which covers your transportation to a hospital in case you are injured in a remote area and need a helicopter, is typically included your medical coverage. You may however choose to purchase on a stand-alone policy.

Meanwhile, an accidental death and dismemberment policy acts like any life insurance policy paying your beneficiary a certain amount in the event of death.

The second type of travel insurance is trip protection. It can be purchased for a single or annual multi-trip basis. This insurance has three main parts: cancellation coverage, delay coverage, and trip interruption protection.

The first one covers insurance—prepaid expenses will be reimbursed—in case you need to cancel your trip due to illness or if a family member is sick or dies. The second one deals with transportation delays. In the event that your flight is delayed due to snow, your prepaid hotel expenses are covered. The last type is used in the event that you get sick while away and you want an interruption policy.

The third type of insurance is the luggage or car rental protection. It covers your rental car in case of an accident and your baggage and personal items are lost, damaged, or stolen. Take note however that most policies of this type do not cover loss or damage in flight and too expensive items.

With this type of travel insurance, make sure you read the rules and conditions. Sometimes your personal auto insurance might cover such. Further, look for policies that offer not only monetary coverage but also travel assistance.

Once you know all the types of insurance offered and what you need, the next question is how to buy one that you can maximize the benefits.

The first thing you should do is determine all the rules and conditions that are covered in your current insurance policies and credit cards. Check strictly all your policies if they still cover foreign countries in the event that you are traveling abroad.

Make sure that your expenses are covered up front and you get reimbursed later. Be sure that you understand very well the deductible and coverage limits. In addition, beware of travel insurance bundled with your trip by a travel agent. Most of the time, these are more expensive.

More importantly, if plan to avail a travel insurance, you should shop around and check and compare prices and coverage.

Fun Filled Activities That You Will Be Able To Do During Your Holiday in New York


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New York City is one of the most popular cities in the world. Although this is not really the largest city in the country, this is by far considered to be the most exciting. Besides, with different cultures and plenty of things to do, you can be sure that you too will be able to have a lot of fun when you visit this wonderful city. In fact, you can even have a problem in narrowing things down during your visit as there are so much things that you will be able to do that one short visit is not really enough time. So, here are some of the exciting things that you will be able to do in your New York vacation.

The first is going on the New York City Scenic Tours. You need to remember that a trip to New York City is not really complete if you don’t go on the scenic tour. You will be able to go on this tour by land and by sea, which is provided by the NYC Ducks, which is an amphibious bus that will take you from Times, New York to Manhattan Island. Grey Line is another fantastic sightseeing service where you will be able to enjoy what New York has to offer.

For people who love architecture, then you will definitely fall in love with New York City. You can go on a stroll through historic neighborhoods, such as The Battery, Tribeca, and Soho. You should also visit the Empire State Building, which is one of the most popular landmarks in New York City and is also considered to be an architectural wonder.

Madison Square Garden is another great landmark that you should go to. Here, you will be able to watch the New York Knicks and New York Rangers in action and you will also be able to watch concerts and other great shows. The Madison Square Garden is dubbed to be the world’s most famous arena where countless historical events took place.

If you are traveling with your kids, then you will definitely see that New York City will be able to provide fun filled activities for the entire family. Central Park Zoo and Carousel will be able to provide your kids with fun and excitement as well as the Sony’s Wonder Technology Lab, which is perfect for older kids.

FAO Schwartz is considered to be a great place to visit if you are with your kids as this legendary toy store will be able to provide unusual toys that your kids will surely love. While in here, your kids will think that they have gone to heaven as they will see floor to floor displays of various types of toys.

Museums are also what New York City is famous for. If you love art, history, and culture, then you will see that the Big Apple will be able to provide some of the best museums with some of the best collections in the country. From the Metropolitan Museum of Art to the American Museum of Natural History, you will be able to find great exhibits that will fascinate the minds of your young ones.

These are just few of the things that the Big Apple can provide. New York City has everything for everybody. Whatever your tastes are, you can be sure that New York City will be able to provide.

Sleeping On The Floor With The Good Stuff


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My current roommate, Melissa has some sheets that were brought online from matouk, a site that caters to those that are looking for bedding. And this bedding isn’t your run of the mill 180-count stuff. what she gave me and the kids to sleep on the floor with was nice. I mean these spreads and quilts were comfy and not full of the usual hard water washing machine fluff.

You know, the stuff that gets all over your clothes and hair. To this day we’ve been sleeping on the floor and hand haven’t found a bit of wayward fuzz. In a way I felt bad thinking she gave us the good stuff to sleep on.

But I’m no longer feeling that way. would you?

Travel Across Europe Is Down 21%


Ireland 2009, Torc falls

London, 11th January 2010. The price for a standard double room continues to decrease in 2010 in the majority of popular European cities. The tHPI for January shows the average price for a hotel is one percent less than the previous month and twelve percent less than this time last year. Travelers can benefit from decreasing hotel prices in many European cities; the average price of a standard double room in Dublin, Ireland is 84 pounds in January 2010, 42 percent less than this time last year.
Average hotel prices in the United Kingdom have increased by two percent
Hotel prices in the United Kingdom are three percent above the European average in January at 91 pounds; two percent less than the previous month. The cheapest average hotel prices can still be found in Wales (78 pounds), followed by Northern Ireland (85 pounds) and Scotland (87 pounds). England has the most expensive hotel prices in January at 93 pounds. In comparison to December 2009, the British city with the largest decrease in hotel prices is Glasgow where a standard double room is 11 percent less than this time last year (74 pounds). Birmingham is one of the only cities in the United Kingdom to see an increase in hotel prices in January. The average price for a hotel room is 10% more than last year; this could be due to the Autosport International Racing Car Show. In the Irish capital Dublin prices have seen the largest decrease of 42 percent to 84 pounds. Hotel prices remain stable in London in comparison to January 2009, however at 126 pounds for a standard double room it is the sixth most expensive city in the tHPI.
Overnight accommodation rates are down in almost all European countries
In many metropolitan areas in the South and East of Europe there are bargains to be found. In Milan, the current price for a standard double room is 105 pounds, 15 percent less than January 2009. Low hotel rates can also be found in Barcelona (81 pounds, 20 percent less), Lisbon (72 pounds, 18 percent less) and Athens (78 pounds, 16 percent less). At 89 pounds, Vienna is eleven percent below the average room rate last year. The most expensive city in 2009, Geneva is currently 158 pounds, ten percent less than this time last year. Even notoriously cheap cities such as Krakow (55 pounds, 20 percent less) and Budapest (56 pounds, 15 percent less) have considerably dropped their prices in comparison to the previous year.
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The hotel price index shows the average overnight accommodation prices for the most popular European cities on trivago. The average prices for a standard double room are calculated on the basis of 50,000 daily price inquiries for overnight hotel stay generated through the trivago hotel price comparison. trivago stores all hotel enquiries for each month and therefore gives an overview of hotel accommodation prices for the upcoming month. The tHPI reflects the hotel prices within the European online hotel market: The overnight accommodation prices of 53 online travel agents and hotel chains create the average hotel prices for cities, regions and countries within Europe.

Get To The BCS Championship Goes Forth


Earlier this week, Mark Kessler had tickets for himself and his wife, Stacy Norris, a University of Alabama grad. But he faced leaving the rest of the family behind in Atlanta because he couldn’t arrange a beach-house swap.

Kessler put an ad in The Tuscaloosa News offering a vacation week at either a Destin beach house or a lake house for anyone willing to part with tickets to the BCS National Championship Game. He’d gotten 20 or so calls, but none turned into tickets, even though the rentals are worth $5,200 and $4,000 a week, respectively, at full market value.

“I was actually going to give a higher price than the tickets were selling for. I didn’t have any takers on that, so I had to come up with some cold hard cash,” he said, and ended up paying an average of $550 per ticket. The face value is $200 to $275.

Kessler didn’t want to miss seeing the title game, which will be played Thursday at the historic Rose Bowl, despite being an Auburn grad; he was converted to Tide worship by his wife. Both are Tuscaloosa natives.

Later, though, more calls came through, and one man expressed interest in the lake house.

Twitter and You Traveling Together



When Bruce Poon Tip got a suitcase full of wine gums in the mail, the power of social media became clear.

His company, GAP Adventures, a Toronto-based adventure travel company, was running a contest to find their newest intern.

Poon Tip used Twitter and Facebook to get the word out, and, within weeks, the online contest was getting press in Denmark, thousands of inquiries were flooding in, and the weird entries were appearing. Someone read about Poon Tip’s love of wine gums on the Internet, and sent him a suitcase full of the chewy candies along with a contest entry.

Then, there was the gorilla. Poon Tip says a man in a gorilla suit showed up outside of his company’s office one day with a sign that read: "Dawn for Travel Intern."

"We started out using social media to get rid of `distressed inventory,’" Poon Tip says. "Trips to the Galapagos where there was still room on the ship for extra passengers, last-minute deals, that kind of thing.

"But we use it now in a much broader way. We use it to form an intimate connection with our customers."

Poon Tip encourages every employee at GAP to use Twitter frequently from their desks.

Do Manhattan On The Cuff

The Big Apple promises the best bargains for Britons wanting to do their Christmas shopping abroad this year.

A typical range of designer gifts is 25% cheaper on average in New York than in London at the moment, a survey by Post Office travel services showed.

The good deals are available due to the recent strengthening of the pound against the US dollar and the fact that big New York stores are holding their prices down.

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AAA For The Holidays Is Hit And Miss



OK. I was curious so thought I would share. Here’s what it costs to stay overnight midweek at Maryland’s AAA Four-Diamond resorts, according to a very well known and publicized hotel bargain listing service. May be more affordable at or even Not sure. But both Loews and Rocky Gap sure look like real bargains – diamonds in the rough, perhaps?

Hilton Baltimore Convention Center Hotel: $159.20

Intercontinental Harbor Court: $261

Renaissance Baltimore Harborplace: $339

Hyatt Regency Baltimore: $223.23

Hyatt Regency Chesapeake Bay (Cambridge): $155.22

Loews Annapolis: $119

Gaylord National Resort: $229

Hilton Suites Ocean City: $84 (off-season)

Rocky Gap Lodge & Golf Resort: $99

Plan Your Winter Fun Appropriately


Ski The slopes at Tignes open today and by mid to late November there is usually enough snow in the highest and most snow-sure resorts, such as Val Thorens, Oburgurgl and St Anton, to get a decent amount of skiing. It’s certainly not worth booking, though, until a week or two before departure, when you are sure that there is enough to make it worthwhile. Most tour operators will not be offering packages yet, so you will probably need to book flights, transfers and accommodation independently.

Sun A bargain month for virtually all winter-sun destinations. As the risk of hurricanes in the Caribbean is coming to a close and the season is just getting under way, the hotels and tour operators offer some of the lowest prices of the year, with the certainty of late-booking offers as flights and accommodation virtually never sell out.

Cities Generally you will get some of the cheapest rates of the year for a city break this month. Most tourist hotels drop their prices from November 1 (usually until the end of February), sights are less crowded and the no-frills airlines in particular try to fill seats with a series of sales. (It’s worth subscribing to the email offers that airlines such as easyJet and Ryanair send out to highlight these promotions, which often have to be booked quickly.) Note too that you won’t necessarily have to pack your winter clothing: some of the southernmost European cities can still be quite warm in November: Seville (average daily maximum, 68F/20C), Palermo (64F/18C), Athens (18C), Rome (63F/17C) and Naples (17C) are all good bets, especially in the earlier part of the month. And this is a good time to head for Marrakesh (72F/22C), and Egypt, where Cairo is still hot at 77F (25C) and Luxor nearly always reaches the mid 20sC.

5 Top Must-Go Beaches Of California

One place Orange County in Southern California has plenty of, are the beaches. The hard part is choosing which ones to go to, because there are so many, and each of the beaches have different things to offer and their unique personalities. The beaches and their cities might just be several miles apart, but bring different environment, surroundings, and atmosphere to enjoy.

Huntington Beach: Yes the city beach area is quite commercial, and touristy, and no I don’t surf, but I absolutely love this beach. I mainly enjoy hearing the huge waves splash ashore, and miles of spacious sandy beach. It’s something about the tide by this particular beach, that makes the waves so high, and always come in roaring. Of course watching the surfers is fun in itself. I am not a big fan of real touristy places, but I like sitting and having lunch by the Huntington Pier or one of the many restaurants on main street. There are plenty of surf stores and places to shop too.
Newport Beach: I believe this is my favorite due to sentimental reasons. This is the first beach we took our son
Seth’s first beach@7 months /Newport Beach
Seth to when he was 7 months old, and also the first one in California, me and my husband went to, several years back. It’s in stark contrast with Huntington. I enjoy the nice and quite. Walking on the sidewalk by those little houses right on the beach is fun too. It’s very close from the Orange County airport, so if you want to stop by the beach before you even get to the hotel, this is the one to go to.

Laguna Beach: This is where the multi million dollar mansions are, you see in the realty shows. Strolling around Laguna you might spot a few Ferrari’s or Bentley’s. But, what I love most is the beach itself, it’s the best place to watch the sunset. We’ve enjoyed nice bon fires and watching the sunset, a few times. Nothing beats the combination of the two. Needless to say this beach is best to go in the evening time.
Salt Creek Beach: This beach, popular for the locals in the area, and not touristy at all, is right off the Pacific Coast Highway. It’s like a little hidden treasure. If there is one hotel I’d really like to

RitzCarlton Salt Creek Beach
stay in, right on the beach, which sits atop a hill, overlooking the coastline, the beach, the gray whale migration, and Catalina Island, it would be the Ritz Carlton Laguna Niguel at the Salt Creek Beach. You have to go down a trail of stairways and paths to get to the beach, so it can be a bit challenging carrying a whole bunch of things, but it’s worth it.

Seal Beach: It’s very family friendly. If you are looking to fish from the pier or kite surf or just enjoy a stroll down the tree lined Main street, this is the place to go. There is a variety of shopping with affordable prices, and most importantly free parking! They also have free concerts during the summer.
What is your favorite beach in Orange County California?