7 Coffee Tables To Fit  Your Fashion Personality


STOP making yourself feel horrible for things you didn’t do last year. Don’t overstress your goal list for 2016 (literally don’t we are only a week and a half into the new year). Take it easy, sit on your couch, and make your hot cocoa. Top off the warm beverage with a bunch of fluffy marshmallows. Or uncork the bottle of wine; it’s been teasing you after a long. Relax and after a few sips take a look around your living area. Take a mental picture and ask yourself, “Is my living room a representation of me”…What is your answer? YES, or is it NO. I’m a strong believer in a goal list, however, I’m keener on building a home that is comfortable for you; peace starts there. If your answer is NO, your environment can affect your attitude so why not help it mold to a positive one. If your answer is…

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